CCP4 Windows Installer

Interactive installation

click the MSI file.

Non-interactive installation

msiexec /qb /i CCP4-6.5.msi

To see all msiexec options run msiexec /?.

Variables used by CCP4 installer:

the root directory of CCP4 installation
scratch directory (set as value of env vars)
adding this causes an installation for all users. By default, the non-interactive installation installs the package just for the current user, and interactive one has a dialog that defaults to "all users".


msiexec /qb /i CCP4-6.5.msi TARGETDIR=C:\MyDirForCCP4 SCRATCH=C:\Temp ALLUSERS=1

How to unpack without installing

In Windows Installer it is called administrative or network installation:

msiexec /qb /a CCP4-6.5.msi TARGETDIR=D:\ExtractDir

This command unpacks files to the specified folder (network location in a network installation scenario), but no other modifications are made to the system. In addition, a small MSI file is generated in the target directory that enables local installation.

When extracting files from the MSI file use absolute path for TARGETDIR, e.g. TARGETDIR="%CD%\Foo".

During normal installation a number of environmental variables is set (mostly locations of directories, we are working on decreasing the number of required variables to minimum). To run unpacked (i.e. not installed) suite one must set these variables. Clicking ccp4i.bat or ccp4-cmd.bat in the top directory will do this -- it sets all variables and starts either ccp4i or console, respectively.

For developers

The new (11.2011) Windows installer is prepared using WiX, low-level toolset that wraps capabilities of Windows Installer.

When all files are ready (see for details) WiX heat scans directories and makes lists of files, then candle (compiler) and light (linker) produce MSI file. This sequence of commands is in compile.bat script. All files are in the CCP4 Bazaar in devtools/win-inst.