TclTk++ is a distribution of Tcl/Tk 8.4 with libraries (incrTcl, incrTk, iwidgets, BLT, tDOM, tktreectrl, tkImg) needed to run ccp4i and iMosflm. As of 2011 Linux distributions use mostly version 8.5 (released in 2007), but we prefer 8.4 which is known to work with iMosflm.

Some of the components are not actively developed, have not had an official release for several years, and their last offical releases contain well-known bugs. We did the same what ActiveState and Linux distros do, we got some components from VCS, some from tarballs, and applied some popular patches.

Our bundle is not using anything from ActiveTcl and is free to use. Note that some files in Tcl CVS mention ActiveState company, so this name appears in description of Windows executables.

How it works

There are two shell scripts, kept in Bazaar in devtools/tcltk++:

The download step is rather fragile, so we distribute a source tarball with all sources downloaded. The latest version is at:

Download it and then:

$ tar xzf tcltk++_8.4.20.3.tar.gz
$ cd tcltk++_8.4.20.3
$ ./ /path/to/install

Known Problems

Some MinGW flavours do not compile Tcl 8.4.20 out of box. The workaround is to add CFLAGS=-D_USE_32BIT_TIME_T. This is related, but not the same, as bug 4982.